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Six Questions with Kathy Dempsey

TheAccidentalLibraryMarketerFor this edition of  the 658.8 Interview, I reached out to Kathy Dempsey, library marketing consultant and author of The Accidental Library Marketer.  I’m a longtime follower of The M Word, a blog co-written by Kathy and Nancy Dowd.  Kathy’s consulting business is called Libraries are Essential and if you aren’t already following her on Facebook, stop what you’re doing and go do it!  You’ll get lots of great ideas and information every day.  Done? Okay, now you can read her answers to my six questions.   Continue reading “Six Questions with Kathy Dempsey”

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Six Questions with Ned Potter

For this installment of the 658.8 Interview, I went across the pond and reached out to Ned Potter.  Ned is the author of The Marketing Toolkit and he writes about library marketing at his blog of the same name.  His book is chock full of case studies and his site contains even more.  I hope I get to meet Ned at a conference one day and chat between sessions!


1. Where did you get your library education? (And I’m not talking about where you went to library school, if you did go to library school!)           Honestly, I got much of it online. Pretty much every day I’ll ask Twitter a question and apply the answers in my job. There’s so many great blogs out there – you can learn so much these days, without having to go anywhere or pay anything.

That said, events and conferences – particularly the little chats with people BETWEEN sessions rather than the presentations themselves – have been really important to me and my development. And there’s no substitute for just doing a job to really learn how it all works.  Continue reading “Six Questions with Ned Potter”

Marketing Masters

Got Marketing? Bubble Room Blogger Answers Six Questions

At PLA this year, I had the great good fortune to share a cuppa in the hotel lobby with Alison Circle.  She is the Director of Marketing & Strategic Planning at Columbus Metropolitan Library in Ohio and she blogs for Library Journal’s Bubble Room blog.

Her marketing experience is impressive as is her work at CML and with the new Lead the Change series.  However, upon meeting her, what’s most impressive is her warmth, her enthusiasm, and her generosity.  She agreed to virtually “sit” for the 658.8 interview this week:     Continue reading “Got Marketing? Bubble Room Blogger Answers Six Questions”

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Six Questions with Kasey Riley

Introducing the 658.8 interview – six questions with public library marketers.  This occasional series is meant to be fun for the interviewee and informative for the reader.  Kasey Riley kicks it off!

Kasey is Communications Manager at Johnson County Library, where she was part of the team behind this brilliant campaign.   I was fortunate enough to attend her “Marketing at the Point of Contact” workshop with a colleague, who wrote a nice recap over on her blog. 

Kasey is full of energy, ideas, and the willingness to share both with her colleagues and peers.  She generously agreed to answer six questions from 658.8: Continue reading “Six Questions with Kasey Riley”

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One Hour, Three Libraries, Nine Words

  • Intuit.  Inquire.  Identify.
  • Claim Your Seat.
  • Always Be Connecting.

In the excellent Building a Library Aware Community webinar, three libraries talked about how they successfully articulate their value to their communities.  My notes are copious, but in reviewing them, I noticed that each panelist offered up a three-word phrase that expressed the essence of their project and their perspective. Continue reading “One Hour, Three Libraries, Nine Words”