About 658.8

As an introduction to this blog, I offer the tried and true checklist for press releases – who, what, where, when, why, and how.

Who am I?  I’m Susan Brown, a librarian with two over decades of experience in a variety of library settings.  For the last ten years I have worked in public libraries in North Carolina and Kansas as a Reference Librarian, Reader’s Advisor, Programs Coordinator, Branch Manager, Marketing Director, and Library Director.

What is this blog about?  Marketing public libraries – posts might include musings about marketing communication plans or social media strategy or brandishing the library brand or promoting databases or drafting a press release or the intersection of marketing and advocacy or developing relationships with the press or the do’s and don’ts of display merchandising.

I’ll talk about what’s happening at my library and at libraries around the region, the country, and the world.  I’ll try and bridge the gap between what mega marketing gurus tell us we should (or must!) be doing and the realities of public library budgets, staffing, and resources.

UPDATE: Now that I am in a leadership position, this blog will also address practical (and some inspirational) aspects of library leadership.  Marketing and leadership intersect in interesting ways – I’ll explore and share those, as always, in a practical way that can hopefully be applied to your work.

Where do I work?  I’m currently the Director of the Chapel Hill Public Library in Chapel Hill, NC.

When will I post?  Hourly?  Daily?  Weekly?  Monthly?  In the spirit of keeping it real, I won’t make any pledges of daily posts, but look for one or two posts a week a month.

Why 658.8?  It’s the Dewey Decimal number for books about marketing – consider it the tip of my hat to Melvil.

What about that H?  The “how” of this blog will hopefully be the “how” of marketing.  My goal is provide practical and actionable ideas, tools, and tips for what I like to call “boots on the ground” marketing.  There are plenty of people that tell us what we should be doing, I hope to tell you how to actually do it.

UPDATE: Now that I am in a leadership position, this blog will also address some of the “hows” of leadership.  Similar to marketing content, my goal is to provide practical and actionable ideas, tools, and tips that have served me well in leading a library into the future.

In the spirit of a press release, I’ll end this introduction with another tried and true journalistic convention:

# # #


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