From Tarheel to Jayhawk to Tarheel….

I am thrilled to announce that I will be the next director of the Chapel Hill Public Library in Chapel Hill, NC. Almost seven years ago, my family left Chapel Hill to come to Lawrence, KS and we are pleased at the chance to return to a town that we love and a town that loves its library. I’ll spend the next few weeks wrapping up my marketing duties at Lawrence Public Library, and will take the helm of CHPL on May 20. I’ve had a great time and amazing opportunities here at Lawrence Public Library, where I’ve helped position the library as a deeply engaged community anchor and essential destination. I look forward to helping CHPL do the same!


10 thoughts on “From Tarheel to Jayhawk to Tarheel….”

  1. Welcome, Susan! Looking forward to your leadership. Exciting times ahead for the Chapel Hill Public Library!

    1. Thanks, Sally! I have received many warm words from Chapel Hill today! Can’t wait to get back to the southern part of heaven…

  2. You have done a fabulous job creating buzz for our public library. We will miss you but we are pleased for you and the Chapel Hill Library.

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