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Minute to Market It #3 – Feed Your News Feed

A series of short and sweet marketing tips you can implement right now.

M2MI #3: Feed Your News Feed

On Facebook, it’s really easy to be focused on your wall and forget about your news feed.  But remember, your wall is pretty much focused on you – your profile pictures, your timeline, your posts for the day, your admin panel that tells you lots of cool info about your page and how its doing. All important stuff, but not the only area to focus on.  Your news feed is focused on everyone else – it shows you what everyone you follow on FB is talking about.  Start listening to them.  Start talking to them.  Start *engaging* them. 

After you read this post, hop onto your library’s FB page and forget about the wall for a minute.  Click onto your news feed and see what others are saying.  Click “like” on a few posts, maybe drop a comment or two where applicable, or you could even share something you’ve found on someone else’s page on your library page.  Set a goal to do this at least once a day and try to do it more.  Give it some time and see what happens.

Here’s what I think will happen:

  • You’ll be more aware of what’s going on in your community.  (This assumes that from your library’s FB page, you’ve “liked” lots of organizations and businesses in your community.  If this isn’t the case, go search for these groups and like their pages.  Then they’ll show up in your news feed for you to interact with).
  • Your community will be more aware of you.  You don’t just want to see, you want to be seen!  Cruising your news feed is a great way to do that.  If the local paper is running an FB poll, vote on it.  If the Visitor’s Bureau is asking followers what their favorite place to take out-of-town guests is, give them an answer.  Social media is one of the easiest and most visible ways to be a part of the community’s conversations.
  • You’ll get more followers on your page.  At some point, when you get back to your FB wall and check that Admin Panel, you will see more followers.  There probably won’t be a huge surge in numbers and you may not see much action immediately.  But the more people see you interacting with others, the more they’ll want to interact with you.

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