Marketing Masters

Six Questions with Kasey Riley

Introducing the 658.8 interview – six questions with public library marketers.  This occasional series is meant to be fun for the interviewee and informative for the reader.  Kasey Riley kicks it off!

Kasey is Communications Manager at Johnson County Library, where she was part of the team behind this brilliant campaign.   I was fortunate enough to attend her “Marketing at the Point of Contact” workshop with a colleague, who wrote a nice recap over on her blog. 

Kasey is full of energy, ideas, and the willingness to share both with her colleagues and peers.  She generously agreed to answer six questions from 658.8:

1. Where did you get your library education?  (But I don’t want to know where you went to school!)

In the library!  And frankly, working in a public library has been a really solid way to learn.  That, combined with my love of libraries and being a lifelong learner, have been my core education.  Bottom line: if you love what you are promoting, it is not hard to engage.

2. Who has taught you the most about libraries and/or marketing?

Erica Reynolds, our former Web Content and then IT manager who now works for Bibliocommons.

3. What’s the best book about marketing you’ve ever read?

I have three: Fables of Abundance, which is really a history of advertising, and most recently–Trust Agents by Smith and Brogan.  I also really like UnMarketing by Scott Stratten.

4: What’s the title of a marketing book that needs to be written?

Government Marketing: Why City, County, and State Governments Need to Get into the Game and Play it Well

5. What’s the best marketing campaign you’ve ever been a part of?

Totally selfish: My own truck campaign for Johnson County Library.

6. What marketing campaign do you wish you’d been a part of?

A: Got Milk?

Many thanks to Kasey and stay tuned for more interviews with library marketing masters…

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