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Top Five Take Aways from PLA

PLA 2012 in Philly was a great one – a conference that revealed the hard work and innovative thinking of librarians around the country and the world.  It’s taken me a week to recover!  I went to a great preconference, saw some amazing new products on the exhibit floor, went to some inspiring sessions, and networked with some folks who I only knew by name and reputation and now consider contacts and colleagues.

Stay tuned in the next week or so for some more in-depth articles about #PLA12, but in the meantime, here are the top five things that I am bringing back home to my library to guide my actions and keep in the forefront of my thoughts: Continue reading “Top Five Take Aways from PLA”

Marketing Masters

Six Questions with Kasey Riley

Introducing the 658.8 interview – six questions with public library marketers.  This occasional series is meant to be fun for the interviewee and informative for the reader.  Kasey Riley kicks it off!

Kasey is Communications Manager at Johnson County Library, where she was part of the team behind this brilliant campaign.   I was fortunate enough to attend her “Marketing at the Point of Contact” workshop with a colleague, who wrote a nice recap over on her blog. 

Kasey is full of energy, ideas, and the willingness to share both with her colleagues and peers.  She generously agreed to answer six questions from 658.8: Continue reading “Six Questions with Kasey Riley”