658.8 – Marketing, Management, Leadership, Libraries

Marketing Advice from the Boy Scouts


Be prepared. 

Just as there are “teaching moments,” there are “marketing moments” – moments when you are able to capture a visual image or a personal story or a quick fact that can be used to convey the library’s value.  Be ready for these!

A photo of children at storytime might be posted on Facebook, the personal story of a new citizen improving their English using library resources might be used in a presentation to legislators, the quick fact from the IT Department that database usage increased 30% might make it into the annual report.  Images, stories, and numbers all work together to convey meaning and value in powerful ways.

If you are charged with marketing and promoting your library, be aware of all the different ways to present information, be in tune to all that is happening in your library, and be prepared to capture the images, stories, and information that reflect your library’s value.

* For more information and perspectives on photo permissions and usage at the library, read here and here.