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Minute to Market It #1 – Email Sig Files

The first in a series of short and sweet ideas that you can implement right now.

M2MI #1 – The mini billboard, aka, your email signature file.  Think about how many emails you send in a given day – if your email sig file only shows your name, website, and phone number, you are missing a super easy opportunity to tell someone something about your library.  Continue reading “Minute to Market It #1 – Email Sig Files”

Marketing 101

What I Talk About When I Talk About Marketing

For more than a decade now, the library community has talked about the importance of marketing, yet librarians often seem to have trouble articulating just what marketing is, what it means for them, and how to go about doing it.  Some librarians “get it,” and many more struggle to do so.

What’s the barrier to “getting it”?  There are many, but a major one is the mixed message we often receive from marketing experts.  It’s a paradox – they tell us to keep our message simple, yet their own message to us is complex.  Too often, we are told that to really market effectively, we must have a firm grasp on market segmentation and pantone color palettes and brand loyalty and ROI and CPM and USP, oh my!  Sometimes, we’re told that we should all be doing it, yet at the same time we’re told that it is best left to the professional marketers.  Continue reading “What I Talk About When I Talk About Marketing”