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Read, Use, Join, Try, Do, Apply

Read this – This article should be required reading for librarians, especially those who doubt the need for marketing. Ned Potter, author of Library Marketing Toolkit, interviewed Terry Kendrick, strategic marketing guru and author of Developing Strategic Marketing Plans that … Continue reading

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Six Partnerships for Public Libraries

Fred and Ginger. Batman and Robin. Starsky and Hutch. Your public library and ____________________ (insert community organization, local business, or local nonprofit here). Your library has the potential to join the list of great partnerships – all it takes is a little … Continue reading

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Content Marketing for the RA Crowd

Even though I’m wearing a marketing hat these days, I do still keep my toes wet in the Readers’ Advisory waters. I occasionally write for NoveList’s RA News newsletter, a free resource full of great ideas for library staff involved in … Continue reading

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Reader’s Advisory Goes Graphic!

No, this is not a post about 50 Shades of Grey or graphic novels.  This is a post about the power of graphic images to replace words and convey information in a fresh, interesting, and relevant way. This flowchart made the rounds this summer.  … Continue reading

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On the Subject of Subject Lines

I spend an hour or two every week crafting our weekly e-newsletter – editing content, uploading a few images, and creating links to drive traffic to our website.  I tend to obsess over this piece, endlessly proofreading for errors and triple-checking … Continue reading

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Minute to Market It #3 – Feed Your News Feed

A series of short and sweet marketing tips you can implement right now. M2MI #3: Feed Your News Feed On Facebook, it’s really easy to be focused on your wall and forget about your news feed.  But remember, your wall is pretty much focused on you – … Continue reading

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Marketing Advice from the Boy Scouts

Be prepared.  Just as there are “teaching moments,” there are “marketing moments” – moments when you are able to capture a visual image or a personal story or a quick fact that can be used to convey the library’s value.  … Continue reading

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